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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mikyle's 1st Birthday



1. Mikyle:



2. Fatema:




3. The Villains:

Umar and Noman



4. Others:

Group Photo



Set/Location: A room with lots of expensive photos on the wall

Location: Bristol


Event: Birthday




Once upon a time…

Mikyle decided to celebrate his birthday. 




He didn't care if the date was due or not… So he came up with a plan.



Fatema agreed with the plan. “Sounds good”, she said.




What about the zalim samaj?

Noman and Fatema


lock the idiots in.




“OK, first we need some cash to buy the cake”



“Errr… I think its easier to order online”



To be continued…

What happens next?


Were Fatema and Mikyle successful in their plans?

Asrar, Fatema and Mikyle


How did the people in the room figure out an escape?

Asrar, Umar and Noman


Who gets all the toys?

Faisal and Mikyle


To find all these answers,

come back soon…


Group Photo

(The team)


Anonymous said...

hahahaha...i'm in love with these you guys are so creative even i'm curious about the next chapter WAT HAPPENS NEXTTTT?????????

Anonymous said...

sorry that anonymous is me Alia :)

Anonymous said...

very interesting,

noman said...

u forgot ur self, mugambo (u dont have to be a genious to figure out who im talking about.....yupp ur identical twin) haha :P

but amazing story line.....the nex blockbuster mayb

Unknown said...

Very interesting blog guys. Seems you guys enjoyed yourself.

Happy belated birthday to Mikyle.

Mugambo said...

mugambo? u mean your brother? and your best friend??

Anonymous said...

very cute kids mashallah

noman said...

no i meant ur identical twin :P

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