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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Following the Muslim Trails in Europe

Budapest, Hungary




While travelling along the Danube, Budapest was a short but exciting stopover. We arrived early morning, on the overnight train from Prague. Since childhood I was hearing and reading the stories of Ottoman marches in the valleys of Danube… this was the time to see the area.




After capturing Belgrade in 1521, Suleiman the Magnificent conquered the southern and central parts of the Kingdom of Hungary.

In 1526 Suleiman pushed further up the Danube. Louis II brought an army south to meet him. The clash occurred at Mohacs. The Hungarians were annihilated and the king killed, probably by drowning when in flight. Suleiman briefly advanced as far as Budapest and then withdrew, taking with him 100,000 Hungarians.






The Turks entered Hungary after the Battle of Mohács in 1526, establishing Ottoman rule in the territory of present-day Hungary and other Central European territories.




After further advances by the Ottomans in 1543, the Habsburg ruler Ferdinand officially recognised Ottoman ascendancy in Hungary in 1547.




Examples of Ottoman architecture of the classical period can also be seen in Hungary where mosques, bridges, fountains and schools were built.



(Gul Baba’s Tomb in Buda)


In 16th century, during the time of the Ottoman Rule of Hungary, numerous Muslim personalities were born in Hungary. Among them,the most important were the Ottoman Grand Vizier came from Hungary, Kanijeli Siyavus Pasha who held the function three times between 1582 and 1593, and the famous Mevlevian dervish Pecsevi Árifi Ahmed Dede.





(in front of the tomb of Arnavut Abdurrahman Abdi Paşa)

The Vezir's tomb in Buda, states:
"On the afternoon of 2nd of September 1686, in his 70th year of life, The Buda Turkish Governor Abdurrahman Abdi Pasha in the war after 145 years of Turkish domination, fell and was burried here. The Vezir was a hero, rest in peace!"



Anonymous said...

Try To go to spain and Cordoba.
You ll like that one as well.


Asrar said...

Yep, Certainly...
I spent a month in Spain, including granada (gharnata), cordoba (qurtuba), seville (ashbailia), valencia (balancia), and malaga (malqa, the biggest muslim port of the time)...
its definitely worth visiting.

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