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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Billie and Chillie Welcome The New Family Member

How the curiosity turns into panic into friendship…

Once upon a time…

When the moon was bright and sun was rising and flowers were blossoming and trees were blooming and the innocent animals were galloping in the virgin meadows and birds were chirping in the remembrance of the one and only Creator…

Hamza was born... The precious bundle of joy…


Soooooo tiny…


One can’t help but stare in adoration…



Soon it was time to return home and to introduce Hamza to the rest of the family.

On the other hand, Hamza immediately began assessing the situation: Who were these furballs?? Why are these part of family? Why do they miaow all the time and dont cry? How can they live without crying?

It was all very confusing for little Hamza. He decided to get some help from Grandma...

(Hamza getting some help from Grandma)

Meanwhile Billie and Chillie were very wary of this new stranger – what was this thing that did nothing but eat, sleep and lots of crying?! They could not help but investigate… Why does this little thing cry and not miaow? (How strange!)

Although he seems to be about the same size…

But… where is all the hair??

(Chillie wondering where is all his hair)

Billie wasn’t too impressed with Hamza… She is always more interested in getting her photos taken. She doesnt care if she has any screen beauty or not. She belongs to a remote village in Australia.


Billie pretending that she has better things to do – such as reading the daily news online from the laptop…

Chillie was far more curious…
But she wasn’t tall enough… Nevermind, she has her ways. She’s not going to let some silly chair get in her way:
Chillie having a better look

and a closer look

After a few hours they were all too tired…

Truce called and peace restored

As part of Hamza’s goodwill, he decided to share his new toys


But not his bed…
Hamza not willing to share a bed

Tillie, the turtle, also arrived all the way from the UK as Hamza’s new playmate…

photo 2
Tillie trying to play with Hamza

photo 4
And he plays with Hamza until he’s exhausted…

photo 5
Tille and Hamza

photo 8
Tillie and Chillie


To be continued…


Maaz Bin Izhar said...

that is so so so interesting. you could even publish it as a short story for kids. seriously. just cartoonise the images.

Marziyya said...

very creative indeed. excellent photos, especially the one with billie and chillie sleeping on the ottoman

Fiona said...

Cute- love it;)

Sidra said...

yeah,very interesting indeed :)
i agree with maaz's idea!

nosheen said...

congratulations...u have finally learnt how to tell stories, trust me it will come in handy...lovely pictures...

JennyCL said...

Wooohooo!!! Yay for photos!! Beautiful!!! Oh and of course I love the commentary ;) You guys are brave to shave Hamza's hair :) Looking forward to more photos!

Anonymous said...

awww he looks soo cute :) Love all the pics

mahwash ammar said...

wow amazing photos and very very interesting commentary,Hamza and Billie and Chillie AND Tillie all look so adorable...

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