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Friday, December 17, 2010

Finding Mona (1902-Present)


Mona_Punjab_Pakistan donkey cart


About halfway between Islamabad and Lahore is Mona, home of Pakistani remounts… an oasis amongst dust and rubble. It is next to the town of Phularwan, located on the Lahore-Islamabad motorway (M2) at the Salam interchange in Sargodha District. Phularwan is known for its oranges.


Mona_Punjab_Pakistan Rashid's House

Rashid's House


This Bungalow was built in 1907, more than hundred years old. It still has the original wood work, wood shed, and the fire place. The really thick walls are still standing strong and provide cool environment in the searing summers.


Mona_Punjab_Pakistan car park

The Car Park




Mona_Punjab_Pakistan farm yard Mona_Punjab_Pakistan farm yard
Mona_Punjab_Pakistan 10
Mona_Punjab_Pakistan farm yard





Mona_Punjab_Pakistan 4

Mona_Punjab_Pakistan 8

Mona_Punjab_Pakistan 11 Mona_Punjab_Pakistan 17 Mona_Punjab_Pakistan 18


Mona_Punjab_Pakistan 16 Mona_Punjab_Pakistan 15


Mona_Punjab_Pakistan 19

Mona_Punjab_Pakistan 27
Mona_Punjab_Pakistan 28
Mona_Punjab_Pakistan 24

The Family




Mona_Punjab_Pakistan ludo match

A Deadly Ludo Match




Mona_Punjab_Pakistan buggy

Mona_Punjab_Pakistan dont call me donkey Mona_Punjab_Pakistan buggy
Mona_Punjab_Pakistan the donkey is next door

The Buggy Ride


One of the highlights of stay was a ride on beautiful buggy. The driver holds a local record of assembling and driving a 28 horse-drawn carriage which is up for the Guinness Book of World Records. The current international record is 23 horse-drawn carriage.

During the ride we wandered into donkey territory where the donkeys were not very happy to be called donkeys.


Mona_Punjab_Pakistan remounts

Mona_Punjab_Pakistan remounts Mona_Punjab_Pakistan remounts

The Remounts!


Mona is the biggest remount depot of Pakistan where horses are bred and trained for war and transport purposes by Pakistan Army. These horses are particularly useful in mountainous regions and the battlefields in the Northern Areas. Their beautiful coats shone brightly in the sun.





Anonymous said...

I went to Mona 18 years ago. Your photos refreshed my memories. Very beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. Atif Nawaz Janjua

Unknown said...

Good to watch mona!
I actuly live near Mona depot in Mona Syedan thatz why whenever I watch my home town or any nearest place I feels real happiness. I went to Mona lots of time. Nice to remembering past.

Anonymous said...

main mona depot k ek school main parne jata tha main wahan 1st to 9th tak parha hoon. YANI 9 SAAL..really the MONA is very BEAUTIFUL...I LIKE

haider_naqvi said...

main mona depot k ek school main parne jata tha main wahan 1st to 9th tak parha hoon. YANI 9 SAAL..really the MONA is very BEAUTIFUL...I LIKE

Anonymous said...

humm such nice pics iam so glad to c all thoese pictur i miss this place becuse my garnd parent and my father belong from mona i miss so much iam so far away from this plcae iam work in kuwiat thank guys for nice pictur

Anonymous said...

iam YASIR QURBAN and work is kuwoat thank again guys

Rao M Khalid said...

My father was in army and he was posted in Mona from 95 to 98.we have very sweet memories of the place and right now my younger bro is feeling such nostalgia that I was bound to write something.I really appreciate the pictures uploader,it means so much to us..........

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Susan said...

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