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Thursday, April 7, 2011

And the story continues…


hamza and asrar

Enjoying watching “people” in a local market. Learning the art


photo 3 (1)



Friendship with Billie can go a long way… starts from the tail

photo 4

Billie is always hungry

DSC_8476 DSC_5664

The missing link



Hamza listening to the conversation with great concentration and interest


IMG_0924 IMG_0967
IMG_0978 IMG_1165

Watching TV



IMG_1055 IMG_0997 IMG_0936



Local league cricket match on a nice sunny day



The early morning ambience



photo 1

Dog is not real, otherwise the photo wont have been possible


photo 3 photo 2

same as above




photo 1-1

Scene in Laurent


Marziyya Haq said...

Excellent photos, the "missing link" is sad though.

mahwash said...


Zahida said...

a beautiful dawn.....a shing bright day light rising from the horizon .....mashallah... ik mera chand ik mera tara.........

Asrar said...

thank u ammi :)

Asrar said...

Billie must be the tara...

immyfong said...

Hamza is so cute and growing so quickly! He is going to be one handsome lad ... I'm sure you guys must have thousand(s) of photos of him by now?!

Hassan said...

Hamza has become a handsome little gentleman !!

Asrar said...

yes hassan, and very interested in cricket ;)

Anonymous said...

Hamza looks so cute. he is adorable.

Anonymous said...

that white cat is cute

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