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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Autumn Colours in Canberra


Hamza on contemplating a possible future in politics decided that he MUST at least visit the nation’s capital to see if it was a liveable city.

canberra 21


To his pleasant surprise, Canberra was brightly decorated with beautiful autumn colours. The minus 3 foggy mornings were usually followed by clear blue skies and a warming sun.


canberra 13


Red-flamed pear trees lining Lake Burley Griffin beckoned to be explored.


canberra 14 canberra 16 canberra 6


canberra 12


canberra 29


But Hamza had equal preference for the yellow-leaved trees. He loved to laze underneath them and watch the leaves blow away with the wind.


canberra 28


canberra 8
canberra 24

canberra 15 

canberra 25


canberra 7


canberra 9


After a day’s hard work, it’s time to go home and do some serious discussions around the table…


canberra 5
canberra 2
canberra 3 


canberra 4


Hamza also met some Australian ambassadors – the Roos…


canberra 17


canberra 22 canberra 23


canberra 26


canberra 27


He was also pleased with the selection of the fruit available – ‘I WANT MORE’


canberra 18

canberra 19 canberra 20


Conclusion: a great city to sleep underneath the trees and to explore by the crawl…

canberra 11


canberra 1


Happy Ending.

Moral of the story: its not necessary that every story should have a moral.



Anonymous said...

Amazing photos,everyone looks so good,and Hamza is super cute!

JennyCL said...

Awww I absolutely love the red Autumn leaved-pics! But my favorite pic in this post is of Janette and Hamza. Soooo sweet :)
I feel all warm and fuzzy after looking at these pics! Thanks for sharing!!!

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