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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Leica Summicron 50 f/2 on Sony A7R


This post is not for any pixel level analysis and numerous grey card photos at various apertures and focal lengths, nor it discusses the micro prisms or distances of sensors to lens - such material is abundant on internet. This post is a sample of real world photography using summicron on A7r, as requested by some friends.

Leica glass and A7R is a great combination, my favourite. Exceptional results, creamy bokeh, brilliant colours, crisp and sharp details with smooth backgrounds, no distortion, and the real photography feel of the glory days. You can once again use your experience to set the exposure and focus right, understand the subject before shooting- not just point and shoot with heavy weight and jumbo sized gadgets.


photo 1


The small mirrorless camera Sony A7R’s full frame sensor has been rated by DxO as the second highest rated sensor yet, second only to Nikon D800e by only 1 point, which makes it almost the same… the best sensor out there. However digital cameras in today’s era come and go, it is the lenses that stay. Great lenses are forever.

Leica without any doubt makes the best glass for any camera. Leica lenses are not just lenses, they are the world's finest. Sony has provided them with a wonderful full frame platform, with mirrorless through the lens technology. Use aperture priority, custom key for focus-magnify, and… use filters including circular polarizers!

Some samples:










DSC02044  DSC02034




DSC02068 - Version 2


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